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The birth of a Glass Studio

Yesterday, 10th April 2012, was a landmark day in my life. The builders moved in to start the long slow process of changing two stables into a working glass studio. This tranquil scene is no more.

Of course the first job was to clear all my stuff out of the stables. The builders wanted to throw it all on the bonfire. The cheek of it – they asked me if I really needed all of this junk. OF COURSE I DO. Why do men think they know what women need?
It was not long before the whole place was empty. Then the end wall developed a miraculous hole – big enough to take the window I had saved from my house reconstruction. Phew some money saved at least! It was quite spectacular as the builder, having drilled millions of holes around the proposed opening put his boot up and pushed the whole lot out. Impressive. Just look at the smile of triumph on his face.
Today saw a hive of activity as the internal wall came down and four grown he-men staggered to get the lintel off the van and into the stables. Poor soles. I did make them all a cup of tea afterwards.
As this is my first ever blog, I will leave it there. I hope this will eventually making an interestng story for those of you who read this.
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