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What a mistaka to maka

I am in this massive learning curve. Not only has every part of my new home been torn apart and re-built in the last 18 months, but I have also had to contend with the my office being constantly packed up and moved until I cannot find Work started on revitalising my home staircase todayanything; and my studio being moved from ‘pillar to post’ while the workmen squeeze me and my glass into a smaller and smaller corner of the garage.

I thought the end was near – on everything, not just my studio – but here I am still frantically trying to juggle everything, while making a million decisions and a trillion cups of tea and coffee per hour. No wonder I am making great big stupid mistakes.

Today was the day that Merlyn was to bring my combi-unit (glory hole with attitude) and my Dad’s lathe down from Stourbridge and install it all for me. Yesterday the decision was made to postpone his visit because I have to sort out the flooring before he arrives.

Yes, I have made a mistake with the flooring. I have known about my mistake for a couple of weeks now, but have not really owned it until Sunday, when Malcolm Sutcliffe dropped into see me and pointed out the obvious.  I am not convinced it was entirely my fault – but the person sharing the blame is not owning it either. Ho hum.

I allowed myself to be talked into a flooring that I now find to be unsuitable for working with hot glass. I have worked hard to try to solve the problem by finding a suitable floor covering – but there is not one. So it looks like part of my new floor will be taken up tomorrow and the resulting hole will be filled with concrete. So that was a nice expensive circular mistake, wasn’t it? I started with a concrete floor and I am ending up with a part of the floor in concrete.

Today the new plumber arrived to put the water supply into the studio.
He finished putting up the shower surround for the glass polishing area. He also started work plumbing in the sink and water heater. Whoopee. Hubby persuaded me to have hot water – which I had not planned to have. I am sure I will appreciate that in the winter months. Mind you, it felt like winter today it was so cold and windy.

The piggery is coming on a treat. The roof is almost finished now.

The really good news is that my new cutting machine has arrived from His Glass Works Inc, via Italy.  I can’t wait to get it up and running. And I feel so pleased with myself that I saved about £1,300 by buying from a US dealer rather than from a UK dealer. Just goes to show you have to watch the UK suppliers.

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