Studio Hire and Charges

We have follow-on sessions on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings, of 3 hrs each session, for those who have taken one or more of our courses. These sessions are also open studio sessions for those who have not taken our courses, who do not need supervision, assistance or tuition and who do hold their own professional indemnity insurance. Call to book a bench space. Hire of basic tools are included (e.g. glass cutters, pliers and squares).

We have many people hiring our kilns and sandblaster to make larger projects, so spend the day at our studios getting creative!

Our compact studio houses worktop area over cupboards, with a central table. There is a sink with hot and cold water and a plaster trap, a shower enclosure used for the polishing of glass by a hand-held grinder/polisher (air or electric). The area also houses a flat bed grinder and a Gemini Saw, as well as a deep ceramic kiln, a large flat bed kiln, a small bead kiln, a minor-burner torch for beadmaking and torch work, a Copper Wheel engraver (with some small diamond wheels), and a handheld (Dremmel style) engraver.

The area is used for cutting and preparing glass and frits for the kiln, as well as for shaping and polishing finished work, and for mould making. There are facilities for working in clay and plaster, as well as melting  wax and steaming  out moulds. Because the studio is multi-functional we insist that working habits are controlled and tidy and the area is thoroughly cleaned after use by the user/hirer.

There is a basic range of tools and equipment, including glass cutters, running pliers, grossing pliers, soldering iron, stained glass tools, flame working tools.

In a side room is a sand-blaster and a metal turning lathe.

In a separate building we have a small hot-shop. This houses a side/top-firing paragon kiln and a smaller ceramic kiln, and an experimental combi-unit – which is a combined gloryhole, small pot furnace and small lehr in one unit.

You can hire all or part of our facilities as follows:

General studio area


Kiln hire

Cold-working machine hire

Torch hire

Hot-shop hire


A deposit is required to secure the hire of any equipment. The hirer is responsible for the proper use and safety precautions. It is taken by Bal Maiden Studio Glass that those hiring are fully aware of all operations and health and safety requirements.

Please note that if equipment is damaged or unclean when returned, the hirer will be liable for cleaning/repair/replacement.

Hiring of the studio and/or equipment is undertaken at the hirer’s risk, with the understanding that Bal Maiden Studio Glass will not be held responsible for the finished result – you will sign an agreement to this effect before using the equipment. Hirers commit to their projects at their own risk and must be compliant with all relevant Health & Safety precautions. Hirers will also be responsible for the clean-up of the sandblaster, all work and surrounding area before leaving the premises. Hirers must provide their own tools and equipment and consumables except where these are included in the hire fee. No use of any other Bal Maiden Studio Glass equipment is permitted without prior agreement. All bookings are subject to availability, must be pre-booked and paid in advance. All prices may be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Please note: minimum hire charge of £18 applies.

Except for follow-on workshop sessions which are supervised, users of the studios and all equipment must have their own professional indemnity insurance.  We have found the easiest way to obtain this is to subscribe to the artist newsletter, at, where insurance is given free to subscribers. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that they carry adequate professional indemnity insurance and t provide proof of this to Bal Maiden Studio Glass..