Hot Shop Hire


The Hotshop facilities include:

One electric top and side firing kiln – also used as a lehr.

One small combi unit with a 5kg pot of  Studio II Nuggets, and a glory hole with a circular opening of 12” diameter.

One pipe warmer

One ceramic kiln, used also as a pickup kiln.

One propane torch

One bench

One marble marver

We have a range of tools, pipes and optics


We charge £150 per day for hire of the hotshop, this includes:

Use of the combi-unit (glass is charged at £3.50 per kilo).

Annealing kiln for a 28 hour cycle (work put in at the end of the day needs to be out by the following mid-day (extra hours are charged at £3 per hour).

Pipe warmer

Propane torch

Pick-up kiln


Use of bench, tools and associated equipment.

Days run from 9am -5pm, on any weekday or weekend, with access to the hot shop from 8am to give time to prepare, heat equipment and programme kilns etc.

If full  hotshop use is not required the following hire charges apply:

£40.00 per day studio rental (includes use of one bench, tools, pipes, punties etc.)
£35.00 per day for an annealing oven on a 28 hour annealing cycle (£3.00 per hour extra will be charged for every hour over the 28 hours)
£6.00 per hour combi unit used only as a glory hole
£1.00 per hour propane torch
£4.00 per working day for pipe warmer
£10.00 per day pick-up kiln


call Noreen on 01 326 574693 or 07808 612074 or email