Kiln Hire


Hire of kilns include use of furniture, props, batts and shelves. It does not include consumables such as fibre paper and thin fire. We provide batt wash. It is a requirement that the hirer leaves the kilns in readiness for the next use. This means vacuuming the interior after use and removing old batt wash where it has been damaged, and re-applying batt wash to the shelves.

Paragon SC2 – 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8’’) £10 Fuse/£8 slump

Paragon GL24 – 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20’’)(top and side firing)      Fuse £20, Slump/paint/stain £15

Kilncare FK5 Flatbed         1000mm x 750mm x 265mm          £1.75- per hour/£40 for a 24 hr fuse/slump);£30 (paint/stain)

Nabotherm Top 60 – 410 x 460mm x 60 ltrs

£1.50 per hour


If you do not wish to hire the entire kiln we will arrange to fire single items for you as part of a larger firing, at a reduced cost based on the size of the item being fired. Such firings take place once the kiln is full and work cannot be guaranteed to available for collection on the following day.


call Noreen on 01 326 574693 or 07808 612074 or email