Back from the wedding

Hi, I am back. Yes back blogging and back home. I have been away for my daughter’s wedding. Well, the Hen Party first on the 15th where my son the ‘chief Bridesmaid’ arranged a nice piece of ‘Life Drawing’; and then the wedding on the 20th.

 Followed swiftly by a week of grandchildren sitting etc.
Unfortunately, while we were away there was almost no work done on the studio or the piggery, which was very disappointing. In fact the material for the new roof only arrived very late during the second week. Sadly at that stage my two gorgeous grandchildren kindly decided to test my nursing skills by getting a gastric bug, while their parents honeymooned in blissful ignorance of our plight. Consequently, any thought of my new studio was banished from my mind.
But I have been back out there today in the pouring rain finding out what has been going on.
Mad digger Andy has been testing out his brand new tax-deductible digger by removing all the excess soil from the back of the new studio. This involved the removal of one scraggy hawthorn tree –  so now we will have to have another massive bonfire.
Well as soon as it stops raining, that is.

Andy has also been busy at the front of the building digging a trench for the electricity cable. I can tell you truthfully , I now have to take my life in my hands every time I take  those men a cuppa. They kindly put down a plank for me, so that I could cross the trench. When I stepped on one end the other end flew up and almost bopped me on the nose.

Still I ventured across and got got pictures of the new roof and the inside work on the studio.

Oh and the compressor room now has a new door – well not new so much as one of the old stable doors has been moved and the hole filled in ready for a window.

All exciting stuff, really.

Sadly, my use of the old bath as a ‘beginners vegetable garden’ has been a bit of a wash out.

I have to come up with a name for my new studio. Anyone got any ideas?

See you tomorrow.


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