Day 3

Hi there,

Here I am now on day 3 of the magical transformation of stable to glass artists studio.
Things have moved along a bit with that very heavy lintel now firmly fixed in place and cemented in. I guess those poles holding up the roof have to stay there until the cement is dry.
Nothing much of excitement happened inside today. The walls were washed with some sort of chemical to get rid of the fungi, growths and whatever else has been living in there. Then they were scrubbed for good measure. After that they were doused in the much acclaimed ‘thoroughseal’ to act as a damp membrane (I may not have this name correct – so do not go rushing off to buy this stuff). Nasty smelly stuff – gets down in your throat which is not good for a girl just getting over a chest and throat infection.
Ok, an aside here – does anyone know how I get the text to scroll around my writing as I seem to have a lot of annoying white space here?
Since I am asiding – here is another. I managed to swim this morning for the first time in a week. Almost the first time I have missed a swim since we moved here. I only managed 20 lenghts though as my chest is still not that healthy. Ho hum, perhaps I can do 50 lengths tommorrow.
Back to the magical world of studio building. Today Andy (my friendly glass-loving builder) started the new lean-to build. I have to keep my eye on him as he keeps wandering into my garage (read garage as temporary studio), picking up pieces of glass and telling me how much he likes that particular piece. I actually gave him a piece today for free – I must be going soft. Or perhaps the Benylin has addled my brain!
This structure is not so much a lean-to, more a little brick hut to house my monsterous compressor and sand-blaster.
At least I hope it will act as a sand-blaster. I actually bought a shot-blaster without realising the difference. Anyway, if any one knows about these things please throw me a few hints on how to change a shot blaster into a sand-blaster. I suspect it is merely a case of using grit rather than glass balls and using a different nozzle/gun. Help would be appreciated.
As you can see Andy is a happy chappy – thats because I ply him with cups of tea every hour or so + loads of sugar.
Thanks to those who have left comments so far. Please feel free to leave comments for me so that I know I am not just communicating with fresh-air. Also please do participate if you know the answer to any of my questions – or know someone who does.
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