Day 4

Rebirthing day 4 has come and gone. Not a lot happened today.

The walls are up in my compressor room and a lot of earth has been dug out from behind the stables to get it down below floor level. Andy and I are thinking that this area must have been used as a general dumping area when the house was being saved from dereliction. There is so much top spoil, and building rubbish there.
If anyone wants any topsoil or hard core we currently have a Himalayan mountain range in our field – just begging to be taken away. I know our local friendly farmer (ex .dom magnate) is threatening to come and take some of it to fill in his mine shaft holes – but I bet even
he cannot use this lot.
The bright side is that the diggers have really churned up the patch of ground that I have been eyeing for a future vegetable plot. This is actualy good news, because this plot is a massive bracken area. Poor Molly (our daughter’s border terrior) got lost in there last summer chasing rabbits and we were worried we might not see her again. Anyway I have never has to deal with bracken before and I hear it is a nightmare to eradicate. I have had a go myself at that and the thousand foot long bramble branches, and had worked out that clearing this site by hand was probably going to take me a good two weeks of fairly solid back-breaking work. Ho Hum. Well at least it has been done for me now – even though it does not look too pretty.
The bad news is that there has been a delay on the delivery of the roofing material for the new studio. About a week they think.
Suddenly there I was facing Andy saying he could really do with starting on the piggery roof next week instead of standing idle. Sods law has been at work here of course . We had spent some time moving everything out of the stables and cramming it into the piggery. Now suddenly everything had to come out of the piggery and go where….Aaaaahhhhh help. Yes you guessed it straight into my nice neat garage (read temporary studio). So poor temporary studio is no more. If you turn sideways you might just squeeze in there – but you will be hard pressed to find any glass or kilns – or anything really.
I guess it took two builders, Roger and I about three hours to clear the piggery. Not too bad – ah yes, but what you do not yet know is that we had already allocated the day as a furniture moving day. Our bedroom has just been finished and decorated and we had to locate the furniture from the far reaches of our house and put it all back. But that was not the end of it. We had to then move furniture from two others rooms into our bedroom so that the builders and decorator can move in there next week. So we spent the morning moving furniture and the afternoon relocating stuff from the piggery either to the garage or the bon-fire.
Why all the urgency. Ah yes, well we are off tommorrow to London. I have my daughter’s Hen party to attend on Sunday and her wedding to attend on Friday. Then a week of babysitting. I must remember to tell her that people normally have children after they get married, not before. But then again it is really too late, isnt it?
Any way, I can hear you all groaning – what piggery?
The piggery is a quaint little white stone building that greets you as you enter our property. Could be mistaken for a garage. I did have my eye on it as a studio but it turned out to be rather expensive to do the work needed – hence the stables. But now we realise that the roof (asbestos – ugh) has to be replaced before it collapses through all those rotten roof timbers. We have asked Andy to get on and do this and take out one or two of the internal walls at the same time. I think I might grab this as a gallery space for all that beautiful glass art I am going to make in the not too distanct future. tee hee.
Ok, now I have to go and lie down as my back is hurting from all that furniture and stuff moving, and all this sitting at the computer.
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