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Help - will my kiln take the weight

Today, after a weeks worth of planning, buying and mathematical wizardry, I set up the kiln for my first ever 'Under Pressure' experiment. Filling the kiln with glass tests was an achievenment in itself - but when it came to putting in weights to squeeze the molten glass to 3mm thick I was stumped for a while. Then my good friend John Mee offered me some rather heavy kiln bricks.

By the time I had loaded in the required amount of weight on top of the glass there was nothing to see but bricks. 34 of them, plus extra kiln shelves. My poor kiln - I really did not think it would take the strain. I had a clearance of only 4cms at the top. At least I hope I had that much otherwise when I open the kiln on Sunday I will be in for a few very expensive shocks. To be continued....

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